Right from childhood Aude would show a vibrant passion for movement just like Léonie, the character she portrays in the show “BOUGE” by Le Gros Orteil circus company.  Ever since her discovery of dancing and hand-balancing, she has felt a calling to play along with this combination of both fluidity and stability, sparking the interest of a number of companies such as Cirque du Soleil, TOHU, the Festival Montréal Complètement Cirque and others. Her thirst for embodying all sorts of different concepts becomes manifest in her versatility and makes her entirely adaptable to all types of project types, much like water that takes shape wherever it flows. Regardless of where the flow of life carries her, she always strives to make these precious connections between the artists and the public much like she did in the show “Limbes” by Cirque Starlight in Switzerland where deep human feelings were shared in order to inspire each and everyone to pursue interiorly whatever awakens him or her on the way.

        Aude is a hand balancer, contemporary dancer and choreographer. She was a trainee at the National Circus School and she has been approached by Cirque du Soleil to feature in its Birthday Card Project“. She is presently part of the show BOUGE by Le Gros Orteil circus company and toured in the show Limbesin Switzerland with Cirque Starlight. She has worked in collaboration with the TOHU on a number of projects such as in the Festival Montréal Complètement Cirque, for the launch of their season’s program and for their “Circoluza” project.

       She has participated in the following projects: trainee at rehearsals of the show “Triptyque” by Les 7 doigts de la main, she was one of the contemporary dancers in Kyra Jean Green’s creation “The Man Who Travelled Nowhere in Time” at Place des arts for the Quartier Danse Festival, one of the two solo performers in the “Firebird” act at Rubberbandance show workshop at Domaine Forget, in “Humans in Circus” by Marie-André Robitaille’s from Gynoide, in “Gamine” by Éliane Bonin of the Productions Carmagnole, in “Hot 5” by Zoey Gould from Upside Down Theater Circus and for corporative events with Cirquantique, Tentacle Tribe, Jardins Gamelin, Montreal Casino, “Nuit blanche” at Bota Bota spa-sur-l’eau and others.

     The hand-balancing act she will be performing offers a dreamlike view of the body’s swaying movements which personify her query towards realizing whether hand-balancing has taken up her freedom.

Photographers : Marie-Ève Dion & Jardins Gamelin

Hand-Balancing Act Demo: Équi ¨libre¨ et pièges. Festival Montréal Complètement Cirque 2022

Hand-Balancing Act Demo : Équi «libre» et pièges. Festival Montréal Complètement Cirque

Handstands combo for handstand lovers.

                     Hand-Balancing Act Demo:                                           Équi ¨libre¨ et pièges.

                      Full Hand-Balancing Act:                                               Équi ¨libre¨ et pièges.

          Handstand Dancing at Cirque Eloize

Hand-Balancing Act & Improvisations Solos, Circus Show: Limbes. Cirque Starlight in Switzerland

Artistic Research for the Character “ Oblivion ” in the Circus Show “ Limbes ” of the Cirque Starlight in Switzerland.

            Dance and Hand-Balancing Demo                          Centre Circuit-Est chorégraphique